Be A Beach Tease With These Amazing See Through Swimsuits

If you want to be a beach bunny tease this Summer, then check out these see through swimsuits!

Dare to bare in these stylish bikinis and swimsuits. And remember – if you get wet you’re gonna show pretty much everything.

White High Leg Unlined Micro Swimsuit

First up is this white bandeau micro-swimsuit. This awesome swimsuit was our outfit of the month for April 2017.

I loved this one so much that I ordered one myself. It was delivered quickly and looks 100% like the photo.

This swimsuit is totally unlined so when it gets wet it will become very sheer and see thru.

The top can be worn as a halter or as a standard swimsuit top.

The sides have an ultra high leg so beloved of Japanese models and Race Queens. The back is pretty minimal but it isn’t a thong or t-back. It will ride up a bit though, especially if you have plenty of booty.

It’s pretty revealing, but you could just about get away with wearing it on a regular beach.

The only thing I’m not a fan of is the material has a large percentage of cotton. So if you’re a material fetishist then you won’t get that much enjoyment out of it. Having said that, the cotton material is actually very comfortable and not scratchy like some synthetic materials. It also fits very well.

This swimsuit is so awesome it has its own blog article here.

Plastic Straps Micro Teeny Bikini Set

Sorry about the crappy photo but I hope you get the idea of that this one looks like:

Like the unlined white swimsuit above, this is another one I’ve actually bought. Thankfully it also looks just like the photos above.

Find this bikini in Niris’ Beauty Store on AliExpress. As well as fabulous bikinis, she sells some really cool men’s underwear/swimwear as well.

By the way, I recommend ordering a few things at the same time as this will give you a lot more to look forward to receiving in the post. Delivery is usually pretty quick – it took a couple of weeks to come from China to the UK. Don’t worry about buying direct from China either – in fact it’s a way to save an absolute fortune – often 30% or more on what you’d pay on Amazon!

Back to the bikini… I opted for the white design. It’s also available in lime green, pink, red, blue and black. I can recommend either white or black, which look particularly good with this design.

Black gives a bit more coverage, but the material is so sheer it leaves hardly anything to the imagination.

The bikini set is pretty comfortable. The plastic straps are adjustable so you can adjust the top and bottom for a perfect fit.

Incidentally, the thong is quite useful for wearing with modern ultra revealing dresses. The plastic straps and minimal design make it ideal as barely-there underwear.

Black Mesh Monokini

Wow, this one isn’t bad and I bought it for just $1.98. It’s a black micro-swimsuit. I think Americans call them monokinis. Anyway, whatever you call it here it is:

This monokini is just the thing if you like to reveal practically everything while sunbathing. It’s made of a slinky sheer net material. Both top and bottom are completely unlined. The halter neck is comfortable to wear and the material isn’t scratchy.

Surprisingly for such a micro bikini it doesn’t have a t-back or thong back, instead its about the same size as the front.

The swimsuit comes in one size and one colour (black). If you’re brave enough to wear it then find this monokini here. By the way this AliExpress seller is really good – they have loads of sexy items and deliver really quickly. Mine came in about 10 days. They also sell the Japanese sexy school inspired outfits from this blog post if you’re into them. Their men’s sexy clothing is also great.

Are you a fan of see through swimwear? Would you wear any of these styles on a public beach? And which ones are your favourite designs? Post your comments below – I love to see what you guys think!