Show Maximum Booty With These Fabulous Sheer Flared Leggings

As I write this post another terrorist attack has hit London. It kind of makes you think that life’s too short and all that.

It’s certainly not worth worrying if your panties are showing.

In which case you might want to take a look at these flared leggings. They’re really sheer and don’t leave too much to the imagination.

I am kind of kicking myself because when I lived in China this material was really popular with Chinese women. In the hot and humid South of the country you need to keep as cool as possible, and this gauzy nylon material is just what you need. If only I had imported a container load. They would have sold like hot cakes.

This material is going to be familiar to you if you’ve ever seen the gym leggings with cutouts:

The leggings on this page have taken things one step further and gone for an entirely sheer design:

Anyway, fast forward a couple of years and these leggings are now available in a whole load of different designs.

As far as colours go there’s basically black or white. What’s your favourite? I’m really torn between the two.

There’s also many lace designs. These feel really sensuous when worn, so don’t overlook them. Oh, and they’re really pretty:

There are other colours available – here’s a purple design:

These look pretty good but they’re not flared like the others. And they’re much more like the footless tights that have been around for a while.

Finally getting back to flared sheer leggings there’s the crotchless variety:


So what should you wear with these leggings?

The first thing if you’ll need to get your underwear right. Really you either need to go minimal or maximal.

Or you could just wear no underwear at all:

A small thong can look good under them like this model is wearing:

Contrasting underwear can also look great. This model has paired white flared sheer leggings with a black g-string:

Patterned sheer leggings are a good way to disguise your underwear (or lack of). This animal print design does a pretty good job of making a thong less obvious:

Alternatively you can also find leggings with attached shorts. These lace leggings come with an attached pair of shorts, so you don’t have to worry about visible underwear issues:

Or you could just give zero fucks and not care about the VPL issue:

A tip here is that it’s better to wear platform shoes with the flared designs. Otherwise you’re going to be forever tripping over them. Especially if you wear them outside.

So what to look for when you’re buying these types of leggings?

First of all if you want really good prices then check out As I mentioned previously these leggings are most popular in China, so you want to buy them direct from the country that manufactures them.

Buying on AliExpress is a bit hit and miss, but you’re pretty much guaranteed a refund if the goods you order don’t turn up.

AliExpress is a bit like eBay in that a lot of vendors are selling basically the same item. So it’s worth hunting around to find a cheaper vendor. Also take delivery time into account. I’ve had stuff I’ve ordered take just 10 days to arrive in the UK, but other stuff has taken, er, months.

When you’re choosing a product, be sure to double check the colour and sizing. Check the design as well. For example, make sure the product doesn’t have a crotchless design if that’s not what you’re interested in buying.

Also be aware that some vendors sell a few different designs from the same product listing. This can all get a bit complicated when there’s 3 designs and 2 different colours. So take your time to avoid a disappointing unboxing.

The good news is that there’s some really awesome stuff on AliExpress. In fact I’ve actually got much better unboxings from there than I have on Amazon.

Talking of that retail giant – if you’re in a hurry you can also find these items on Amazon, but you’ll pay more and it probably won’t arrive quicker unless it’s Prime ready.

Are you a fan of these leggings? Would you wear them in every day life? Or are they best kept for the beach or club nights? Leave your comments below.