Let It Rain! The Plastic Macintosh Rain Coat Is Back In Fashion

I don’t know about you but I now buy most of my clothes online. It saves money, but there’s really no substitute for going in real stores and hoping to spot something sensational.

So I was overjoyed when I was browsing New Look in London’s Oxford Street the other day and came across a rack full of transparent plastic rain coats.

Maybe the plastic Macintosh is making a come back?

I only spotted one design in their store, but according to their website, three designs are available.

Here’s their Parisian white piped trim clear rain mac. It’s made of ethylene vinyl acetate with a polyester trim.

It has a PVC-like feel, makes that lovely crinkly noise when you touch it and looks sensational.

If the rain is torrential then it has a hood and also zips up at the front. But however you wear it, people will still be able to see whatever cute outfit you have on underneath.

There’s a second design, this one is called the Parisian orange piped trim clear rain mac. It has orange trims and is more translucent than the white trimmed one:

It’s very chic, especially if you have an outfit that will match the orange trim.

Finally there’s a multi-coloured one for when you want to colour co-ordinate with your entire wardrobe. Unlike the orange one, this one is full transparent:

Maximum ASMR shivers are guaranteed while touching the lovely fabric these coats are made from.

Oh and I forgot to say that all of the raincoats come with pockets – just the thing if you are leaving your festival tent and want to take all your worldly goods with you.

If you like any of them then buy them straight away as it’s turning into a pretty miserable Summer here in England so these will sell like hot cakes!!! Especially as festival season is just around the corner.

Sadly the coats aren’t that cheap. But the good news is that New Look stuff is generally well made and also fits well. So hopefully they’ll last more than one wet English Summer.

If New Look sell out of these or you’re on a tighter budget then don’t worry – plastic PVC coats are also available in the coats section of The Sexy Clothes Store.

I’ve chosen 3 different designs. There’s this basic design:

Find the coat here. This coat is made of a translucent material with coloured trims. The trims are available in yellow, rose red or purple. So you can easily get one to colour co-ordinate with the rest of your wardrobe.

If you want to spend a bit more money then this one is a bit higher quality. It has a zipper as well for those truly horrible weather days! Here’s a photo of it:

You can find this plastic Macintosh here.

Finally if the weather is truly terrible then there’s a below the knee version:

This one looks really good and wouldn’t look out of place on the catwalk. It’s definitely something to keep in the wardrobe just in case you have to go to a ball and outside it’s raining cats and dogs.

Incidentally all three of the coats above will definitely keep you dry as they’re made in China and are tested by Chinese people under monsoon rain conditions like this:

This isn’t a photo I randomly found on the internet – it’s actually taken by me while I was living in Southern China!

For the record Guangzhou experienced 3.2 inches of rain that night and I felt that I was on the set of the movie Titanic.

Finally, if you want a special designer plastic raincoat, then go to the experts – Elements Rainwear. They manufacture their coats in Europe and will never compromise on quality. Their coats are so awesome you will be secretly glad when it rains.

If you love plastic raincoats then talk about them on our forum here or leave a comment below. Or if you’re really into them then check out the rainwear central forum.