Outfit of the Month May 2017: Sexy School Teacher Costume

For this month’s outfit of the month I’ve chosen an item which is already proving to be a firm favourite with you guys. I only added it to the store quite recently, but at the time of writing it’s soared into 6th position in the site’s product rankings league. I’m sure it has a good chance of hitting the #1 spot.

So what is the wildly popular outfit?

It’s this one:

It’s described as a sexy teacher outfit, but I guess it’s fairly applicable as a school girl outfit or even a secretary outfit.

Incidentally, while researching this topic I’ve found out that Sexy Secretary is pretty much the #1 male sexual fantasy. The only problem is I’ve not been able to find that many really good outfits to feature in the store. If you know of any sources then please write about them in the comments below. Ideally the costume needs to come with a black pencil skirt because this makes guys go super crazy with desire.

In the meantime this teacher/secretary/whatever outfit is pretty good. It’s had some really great reviews. People who buy it are most impressed about the fact that it comes with everything you see here:

So that’s micro-mini skirt, thong, stockings, garters, bra, top and neck tie but sadly not the pot plant or tulips.

Yes it even includes the spectacles, although they don’t have any lenses in them! This is quite a big thing in Asia – girls (and some dudes) actually go out wearing spectacle frames without lenses. This is not just an urban myth – I’ve seen this for myself while living in China and Japan.

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Until next month…

Do you like this outfit? Would you wear it to a costume party or is it just for bedroom fun? What would you describe it as? Teacher? School girl? Secretary? Mistress? Post your suggestions below.