Outfit of the Month March 2017: High Shine Body and Suspender Tights

Outfit of the Month for March 2017 goes to this stunning outfit. This is an item I have ordered through the store in order to inspect the goods. I wouldn’t like to add any old rubbish to the store!

Well what can I say? This outfit is stunning IRL and the photos do not do it justice at all. For once a clothing order from China has massively exceeded my expectations.

What you’ll love about this two piece is that there’s not many other outfits made of this material, not full body ones anyway.

Some racier male underpants are made of this material. Also some female ones but guys seem to love this material It’s quite thin but also extremely comfortable.

The two piece is extremely shiny, but it’s a matt look, not the shiny wet look effect that so many other items are made from. In fact you could easily wear the crotchless tights under other outfits. You’d be sure to get plenty of people asking you where you got such shiny tights because this material is extremely glossy. Wear it under bright lights or in daylight and you’ll get that long shiny sheen effect.

When I was at school there was a girl who wore black tights that were as shiny as this material is. I so regret not asking her where she bought hers from. But I guess it might have been a bit of a weird thing to ask. Or maybe not. Who knows.

I say this item is a two piece because it does also come with some long gloves in the same material but I’m not sure I’m really a glove person. But it’s nice to have them anyway.

The material is quite stretchy and it was a perfect fit. It’s nice the body has a front zip so if it’s a bit tight around the chest of neck area then you can just unzip a little. Unlike other items of clothing from China the legs are quite long so this should still fit well even if you’re over 6 foot tall.

As far as build quality goes, the items are all quite well made and I think this one’s gonna last longer than some of the sexy stuff I’ve bought before (especially lingerie).

If you’re into tactile fetish stuff then you’ll be pleased to know this material is outstandingly nice to touch and feel… especially if somebody else is wearing it.  It makes a nice sound when you rub your hands up and down it and you get quite a bit of static build up when you do so.

So to summarise, if you’re into thin and ultra shiny materials then buy this set ASAP. Incidentally delivery from China to the UK was only 11 days.

Would you buy this outfit? Are you a fan of crotchless tights or should we be wearing stockings or thigh-highs? Leave comments below.

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