Outfit of the Month June 2017: Shiny Metallic Dance Dress/Shorts Set

June’s Outfit of the Month is this sassy two piece set. It’s aimed at Jazz dancers, but it can be used for a multitude of other purposes.

So here’s the outfit:

This girl has opted for the hot pink colour, but it’s also available in a yellow/orange colour as well as red, blue and silver.

The outfit is made from a shiny metallic look material that will be familiar to you if you’ve ever admired the Liquid Metal clothing range. I once had a skater dress made out of this material and it was awesome.

The top has wide lapels and some studded buckle type details.

What’s nice about this outfit is that it’s super sexy without being too revealing. So you can wear it out in public without creating too much of a scandal. But you WILL get noticed!

The outfit itself comes in 3 different styles, so be careful when ordering.

The first style is a top and skirt set:

The second option is a top and shiny shorts set:

The shorts have eyelet details for extra interest.

Finally there is a set that comes with tassels:

This one is sure to be your favourite choice if you want to go dancing in this outfit!

Again, be careful when ordering as this outfit is available in 3 styles and 5 different colours so there are 15 different combinations to choose from. Decisions, decisions.

All of the outfits come with matching arm bands for that extra little detail. Pair with dancing shoes or killer heels and you have yourself one hell of a stunning outfit. All of the outfits go well with a pair of tan or nude colour tights if you want a little more coverage.

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So which style would you choose? Skirt, shorts or shorts + tassels? Leave your comments below.