Outfit of the Month July 2017: Shiny Body Hugging Zipper Catsuit

Outfit for July 2017 is this double zipper black bodysuit. You can buy this through The Sexy Clothes Store for less than $15. It’s an outstanding bargain! Find it here.

As you can see from the photo this catsuit is made from a very sleek wet look material. It’s not actually PVC. It’s not rubber either. But it does have a shimmery oil look.

The good news is that it’s a bit more stretchy than PVC. It also takes a lot less time to put on and take off than a latex catsuit would. It’s a thinner material as well, so you won’t sweat buckets while wearing it like you would with latex or PVC.

Whatever your body shape, the great thing about this bodysuit is that it will really show off your figure. It hugs and clings to every curve:

The front zip goes all the way down the front, so you can either zip up to the collar or zip down and show as much cleavage as you desire:

Like this model, you’re not going to be able to keep your hands off this material – it’s really lovely to touch. If you’re a fan of spandex type slinky materials then you will definitely want to order one of these catsuits.

The only major downside to wearing catsuits is of course how to sneak in a toilet break that doesn’t take hours.

Fortunately this particular design has a double zip, and it easily unzips from around the back:

Excuse the rather intimate zoom there.

Obviously with all that zip action around the erogenous zones there is scope for some major accidents, so be careful while zipping and unzipping the catsuit. It’s worth the risk though as the zip feels super sensuous around the private parts. You’re probably not going to want to wear underwear while wearing this catsuit, as you wouldn’t want visible panty lines anyway.

If you do get into this situation and need immediate access to the lower regions, then the dual zip will certainly come in handy:

By the way, if you want this catsuit in other colours then hunt around on AliExpress. It’s widely available and I’ve seen it in silver, gold and red. I wanted it in light blue to match some shiny new shoes I bought. Unfortunately I failed to find this particular design in blue. Other designs are available but they don’t have the high neck. This one is quite widely sold but it only zips up to the cleavage line:

However, if black is OK then I recommend you buy it from the AliExpress vendor I’ve linked to via The Sexy Clothes Store. The item they send you looks exactly like the picture. They’re also very fast at posting items out. Mine arrived in just 10 days, which is now my world record for the fastest ever delivery from a China based AliExpress store!

Do you own one of these slinky wet look catsuits? Do you think you need one for your wardrobe? When would you wear yours? To parties? Funerals? Clubbing events? Leave your comments below.