Outfit of the Month April 2017: White Hi-Leg Minimalist Bandeau Swimsuit

Outfit of the month for April 2017 is this really nice daring one piece swimsuit:

*High performance car not included.

I bought this item myself just to road test it and I can confirm 100% that it looks exactly like it does in the photos. Delivery was really quick as well – if I remember rightly it took around a fortnight and came with another outfit I ordered (the March outfit of the month).

I love that you can find so many nice pieces like this on AliExpress. It’s just so much more interesting than anywhere else I’ve shopped on.

What else? The swimsuit is completely unlined, so when it gets wet you’re gonna show the lot.

It’s very stretchy, so it should fit just about anybody’s body.

The back is not a full T-back thong or G-string, but it’s pretty minimal.

It’s pretty well made and hasn’t fallen apart yet. Of course swimwear never tends to last that long but this one will definitely see out at least one Summer season.

The only thing I don’t like so much is that the material is a bit boring. It’s soft but quite cotton-y so if you have a material fetish it might disappoint.

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So is this item your dream swimsuit? Are you going to order it? And would you wear it on a busy beach?