You Will Love Wearing These Amazing Panties With Attached Leg Garters

Here at The Sexy Clothes Store I’m always interested in new fashion trends. Especially sexy ones.

So these panties with attached leg garters really caught my eye:

How to describe them? They’re panties with a suspender belt. Except that the suspender isn’t any good at attaching stockings. They’re more like panties with attached garters.

How did they come about?

I think these came into being because women in hot and humid countries like Southern China and Korea and Japan (at least in Summer) wanted to wear suspender belts. However it can be uncomfortable to wear stockings or other hosiery in these countries. Not least because it rains a lot and wet hosiery is a real hassle. It does feel kind of nice though.

So stockings and suspenders are sexy and nice to wear, but they don’t really work in hot climates.

Back to leg garter panties and here’s the back view of the same pair featured above:

So they have a fabulously stylish thong back. And the garters look so great it’s almost as if she’s wearing ultra sheer 7 denier stockings.

If you want to buy some of these panties then check out the Fee Show Store on AliExpress. Fee sells all kinds of sexy interesting underwear and the prices are amazing. The black panties show in the photos above were just $4.59 when I looked!

Metrosexual Man Is Not Left Out

The cool thing about this type of underwear is that dudes aren’t left out. They’re also available for men.

Here’s one example. Sadly no real life model as they’re way too skimpy for that. So here’s the design I found:

The front has a shiny wet look pouch for the man’s goods. The suspender belt is quite thin. Around it leads to a jock type backless design:

Guys tell me that backless designs like this feel amazing when worn. They’re certainly more interesting than cotton boxer shorts.

Here’s another design for garter briefs for men:

These feature simple leg garters, a thong brief and lace trim. This design is a lot more lacy than the last. You might think that the feminine lace would put guys off. On the contrary – these garter briefs have got some great reviews from men.

This set is also available in black as well as the red and black shown above.

If that design is too frilly for you then it’s back to basics with this design:

This design features a black pouch style thong brief. This time there are 3 elastic bands on each leg garter. These look super futuristic and maybe in the 22nd century all guys will be wearing these as they teleport between planets.

Talking about the future, here’s another ultra modern looking brief:

This design is closely related to the garter brief. These however have one cut-out leg with neon banding. They’re also available in bright pink.

These are good for day to day wearing, and also for nights out.

If you want these briefs then check out Fee’s Store on AliExpress. She also sells the women’s sets, plus a load of other amazing sexy clothes for men, women and everyone in between. They’re cheap as well. At the time of writing those briefs above were just $4.99!

Do you think guys could get away with wearing these? Leave your comments below as I’d love to know what YOU think.

Bikinis With Leg Garters

Why keep such fun items of clothing covered up? With these bikinis you can show your sexy leg garters off to the whole world:

Not only does this bikini look amazing, but it also feels incredible to wear.

Find more details of this bikini here – it’s available to buy in our store.

Are you interested in this trend for leg garter underwear? Have you bought any yet? And would you wear the bikini on a public beach? Leave your comments below.