Does This Chart Show People Are Falling Out of Love With Crotchless Panties?

If Google Trends are to be believed then people are losing interest in crotchless panties:

Is this the end for this sexiest of undergarments? Why aren’t people so interested in these any more:

The only consolation seems to be that butterfly panties are still very popular. Here’s a nice example of these:

They’re usually crotchless, and always sensual when worn.

In fact, the decline of crotchless panties seems to be matched by the similar decline in the thong:

So what’s replacing crotchless panties and thongs? The chart below shows that demand for a particular undergarment has surged in popularity. Can you guess what it is?

So what’s the chart above showing a huge rise in demand for?

Step forward the maxi panty. In a word, these:

Are these sexy? Do men like women who wear them? I guess men prefer women who aren’t wearing any panties at all, but that’s just men.

So are YOU disappointed that crotchless panties seem to be going the way of the suspender belt and stockings? Are Maxi pants the style for the 21st century? Post your comments below…