5 Photos That Prove Lara Croft Wears The Sexiest Costumes Of All Time

Move over Supergirl, Wonder Woman and, er, Jamie Sommers (The Bionic Woman). There’s only one super heroine who can save the World and she is of course Lara Croft of Tomb Raider fame.

Here’s 10 photos that prove once and for all that Lara Croft’s costume is the sexiest outfit ever created. And the great thing about it is that it’s really easy to put together on a shoestring budget.

If you need reminding of what Lara Croft’s most famous outfit looks like, then take a look at these for inspiration:

I’m a huge fan of Domi and for me her version of Lara Croft is the greatest ever:

Those figure hugging shorts – wow. Actually – WOW.

Plus she’s not afraid to show you what she’s wearing under her top and pants:

If you want to follow Domi then find her on Instagram and find her complete Lara Croft photo set on Cosplay Deviants.

Next up is Tanya Croft. I love this cosplayer because she pretty much only cosplays as Lara Croft. She has soooooo many Lara Croft costumes, but one of my favourites is this wetsuit with gun holster attachments:

Find more of Tanya’s sets on her Patreon site.

I’m a big fan of Anne (the Cosplay mom). She proves that moms can be very sexy. I like this photo because it’s a great shot of her wearing the classic Tomb Raider costume with the red glasses and turquoise top:

If I was judging a cosplay competition I’d give extra marks to Anne for all the trouble she’s taken to make an authentic pony tail out of her hair. Also I just adore that sexy thigh strap.

Find the Cosplay Mom on Facebook.

Finally it’s back to the classic Lara Croft from the original Tomb Raider game, courtesy of Shermi Cosplay:

Sadly that’s the last photo but if you need help in making your own Lara Croft outfit then check out this site which has everything you need from costume lists and hair styling tips.

So who’s YOUR favourite Lara-Croft-a-like cosplayer? And have you ever made and worn your own Tomb Raider inspired costume for a party or other event? Reveal all in the comments section below.