Relive Your School Days With These Cute and Sexy Japanese School Uniforms

Japanese school uniforms are a really popular cosplay outfit. On this page I showcase some of the outfits I’ve found available to buy online.

Whether you want to wear them for a cosplay or costume party, or just want to impress that boy you fancy you should find something of interest here.

Japanese School Girl Outfit

This is a great three piece combo comprising blue skirt, white blouse with blue trims and a red bow tie:

It’s cute but not too sexy, so you can easily wear this to parties and other occasions without showing too much. Find this Japanese sailor girl school costume here. Note that it’s not the cheapest one available, but it’s better made than the single use ones intended for Halloween parties. So you’ll get a lot more use out of it.

You can pair this outfit with blue or white socks and regulation shoes. Or maybe go for the ever popular thigh high stockings or long socks:

Cat’s ears are optional.

Loose socks are also an idea:

Personally I hate clothing that falls down all the time and generally acts up but we all have to make sacrifices in the name of fashion.

Fortunately you can actually buy loose socks glue to keep the socks from falling down:

For the ultra authentic school girl look, add a huge school bag, brief case or satchel. Just make sure it doesn’t have any visible logos or is a colour that would be out of keeping with serious academic studies:

Gym Shorts and Top Sets

The Japanese school top and shorts set has been getting immensely popular these days, and now you can easily order a set to wear for yoga classes, gym classes and for cosplay themed parties.

This set has the classic top and shorts:

It comes complete with a top that’s demure enough to wear outside, but reveals plenty of midriff while stretching.

The blue set is really popular but it’s also available in red:

Note: thigh-high long socks aren’t included but you can easily find them for sale elsewhere.

Find the blue and red Japanese gym top and pants set in The Sexy Clothes Store’s uniforms section.

Oddly enough the outfit isn’t actually worn in real life Japanese schools. But the combo seems to have taken on a life of its own through Anime TV shows, Manga comics and of course Japanese adult movies.

If you want a slightly more sexy version of the gym top and shorts, then how about this one:


This one is available in regulation blue and the top is more cropped and tight fitting than the previous version. The pants are also tighter than me on a night out:

OMG. Whatever your size or shape you’ll look ultra hot in this!!!!

Find this Japanese gym top and shorts set in The Sexy Clothes Store. At the time of writing the set was selling for under $12, which is a phenomenal bargain.

Dresses or gym outfits – what’s your favourite Japanese inspired school outfit? And what uniform item do you most miss from your own school days? Talk about your fond memories in the comments section below.