11 Sexy and Sassy Costume Ideas for Cosplaying D.Va from Overwatch

When I’m not working at my meaningless day job or blogging at this place then I’m generally playing GTA on the Playstation 4. Which is great but it means I’ve really missed out on the huge popularity of Overwatch.

Maybe I should buy more than a single game for my Playstation. Because I’m missing out on being able to play as characters such as the amazing D.Va:

D.Va. is a gamer girl and mecha pilot:

Find more D.Va. wallpapers here.

D.Va. has become wildly popular and is being cosplayed by cosplayers all over the World:

I think that after Lara Croft, D.Va. could well become one the most cosplayed computer game characters in history.


I guess that D.Va’s own background as a sassy gamer girl appeals to real life gamer girls. Her costumes are also relatively easy to put together without having to spend a fortune on stuff you might only wear once or twice.

For example, this cosplayer has simply used a blue leotard and a pair of white boots to form the basis of a really wonderful D.Va. costume:

Of course, like Lara Croft, D.Va. is a strong female character who appeals to both guys and girls.

D.Va Makeup Ideas

One of the key parts of a D.Va costume is of course her distinctive makeup. Here are a couple of photos to show what’s needed. Basically all you need are four pink triangles on your cheeks, which are really easy to apply with standard face paints:

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Here’s a video tutorial if you want to see exactly how to turn yourself into D.Va:

Here’s another photo YouTuber Peachymilk in her amazing figure hugging D.Va. full bodysuit:

More D.Va. Cosplay Ideas

It’s great how there are so many variations of the D.Va. look. For example, Reddit users reckon that Mercy is the cutest D.Va. on the Internet:

If you don’t like to play it cute, then you could also play it with attitude:

BTW, this girl is wearing an Overwatch T shirt, so it shows you don’t have to go all out and wear a full bodysuit.

More attitude:

D.Va. definitely does not take shit from anybody.

It’s also possible to do fusion cosplay, like the cosplayer below has done with an Overwatch/Bunny Girl combo:

The cosplayer Jing Ling is well known for her cute bunny girl D.Va. costumes:

Again, if you don’t want a full on bodysuit then a leotard/swimsuit is another idea. Buy a cheap D.V.a swimsuit here. Make the outfit even more sexy by combining with thigh-highs or over the knee socks:

Finally you could break all of the rules and go for a pink D.Va. costume rather than the standard blue:

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Finally if you want to save a bit of time then The Sexy Clothes Store has a really nice Overwatch D.Va full bodysuit that you can wear as-is:, or maybe customise to your liking, as many of the other purchasers have done.

The costume is a complete bodysuit, so you just have to add headphones, makeup, some shoes (if you’re venturing outside) and maybe a massive gun:

This bodysuit has been getting some great reviews, and REAL purchasers are delighted with how awesome it makes them look:

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Which D.Va costume is your favourite? Would you buy the bodysuit, or would you make your own costume? And would you go for a full bodysuit, or are the leotard/swimsuit costumes much sexier? Leave your comments below!